Increase Your Online Marketing Conversions

How do you scale up your media buys in a sustainable and diversified way?

The secret is to expand your campaigns by using multiple accounts at the same time.

Learn more below.

Run your business in a way that you're never dead in the water again and are able to scale and expand as you please.

Increase your reach by double serving your top converting offers

Start marketing online again if you've unfortunately been suspended before

Display your top converting monetization pages without issues

Separate your marketing campaigns and ensure you're always running with no collateral damage

About Us

We are a company that offers online marketers a method to experiment and use their most innovative landing pages. Through our service we also give online marketers the option to have additional avenues to increase their web presence and get even more leads and conversions through an entirely different web property.

After years of experience carefully building our proprietary technology, we are now able to offer access to a select number of online marketers a competitive advantage in the space. Using our service will increase your conversions and increase your bottom line.

All accounts are carefully procured using techniques that allow for high spends.

In fact, some of our accounts are still alive from 2014!

How It Works

We presently procure accounts for the following advertising networks:

Google AdWords

Bing Ads

Yahoo! Gemini

Accounts are charged a nominal up front fee plus a percent of spend. For that you get the following:

Site build out and hosting with content using keywords of your choice (increase your Quality Score!)

Centralized billing for all your accounts and a ledger of your spends updated daily

Direct access to your account via virtual machines

Account signups that have passed initial security reviews so you can start spending right away


Vladimir Kosinsky

Senior Outreach Manager

Vladimir Kosinsky has been blazing a path in the affiliate marketing since 2013. Vladimir started out his career as a computer programmer but quickly realized he has a knack for everything affiliate. If you hear from Vladimir, then you are probably working on something awesome. As our Senior Outreach Manager, Vlad is in charge of finding and bringing on some exciting new opportunities to Corzed!

Glen Murray

Senior Digital Marketing Specialist

Glen has been a part of the Corzed team for 5 years. By combining his passion for entrepreneurship and marketing, Glen has become an accomplished businessman finding success on a number of projects. Glen brings a high level of marketing expertise to Corzed, and represents the agency in all things marketing.

Mit Simmons

Director of Operations

Mit has been a project manager for 15 years. He is experienced in helping companies grow revenues and cutting costs. He has worked with just about every major ad network, helping them acquire direct offers and talent to build the team. Mit is also an accomplished marketer and computer programmer. His impressive work ethic and resume make us glad he is on our team!

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